Auto Pay

With Auto Pay, you'll reduce the need to write checks and the cost and inconvenience to mail them. With a few clicks you can set up your loan payments or credit card balances to be automatically transferred from your checking or savings account on or before the payment due date.

Auto Pay also gives you the ability to schedule automatic transfers between your Checking Accounts and Savings Accounts.  It's the perfect way to tuck money away for a rainy day or any special occasion.

To set up Auto Pay

  • Login to MyBranch Online Banking
  • Select Transactions on the left menu, then select the Account Transfer tab
  • Chose the account you wish to deduct from
  • Select the loan or account to make payment to
  • Enter the amount of your transfer
  • Select the frequency of the transfer (i.e. monthly, quarterly, yearly)
  • Select the start and end date that you wish to begin Auto Pay
  • Click Create Scheduled Transfer

Auto Pay is available through MyBranch Online Banking. Enroll today or call a Contact Center Representative at 734.676.7000 and they will set up Auto Pay for you.

Scheduled payments made online can be modified at anytime through MyBranch.
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