Direct Deposit & Payroll Distribution

Direct Deposit

Tired of waiting in line to cash your paycheck or other monthly income check? Sign up for Direct Deposit! Direct Deposit enables your checks to be automatically deposited to your account. Since the deposit happens electronically, Direct Deposits are also immediately available, unlike deposits made at the ATM, which are subject to a two business day hold. Direct Deposit is the safest, fastest way for you to get your paycheck or other monthly income deposited to your account. Avoid unnecessary trips just to deposit your paycheck, start using Direct Deposit today!

Types of deposits eligible for Direct Deposit

  • Payroll
  • Social Security Payments
  • Pensions
  • Annuities
  • Dividend Payments

What You Need to Get Started with Direct Deposit

  • Advantage One's routing and transit number: 272485107
  • For deposit to savings: your full account # followed by 0 (xxxxx0)
  • For deposit to checking: your full account # followed by 8 (xxxxx8)

It's simple to sign up for Direct Deposit! Simply provide your employer with your account number and our routing number.  If you have further questions or need help, contact Advantage One at 734.676.7000, visit one of our branches, start a chat session with a Financial Services Representative during normal business hours by clicking on "Chat Live" in the upper right corner, or email us.

For more information about Direct Deposit, click the GoDirect banner.

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