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SMART Telephone Banking

SMART is Advantage One's audio response service providing you with automated access to your accounts, office hours and locations. The SMART system is completely menu-driven and accessible by a touch-tone phone.

Call 734.675.8200, enter your account number and PIN (Personal Identification Number), and the SMART voice will guide you through all of your transactions.  

Make a wide range of transactions such as:

  • Transfer Funds
  • Make loan payments
  • Verify that checks have cleared
  • Access year-to-date dividend and interest figures
  • Obtain credit union hours and locations
  • And more

SMART is safe, private, convenient and totally free*. Your PIN is automatically generated when you sign up for this service, but can be changed at any time through the SMART system. Apply for a SMART PIN by calling 734-676-7000 and speaking to a Contact Center Representative.

*AOCU does not charge a fee for this service, however, third party data and/or text messaging rates may apply.

SMART Telephone Banking commands
SMART Commands




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