Fraud Prevention

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America, but that doesn't mean it has to happen to you, or your accounts. Advantage One Credit Union is committed to serving and educating our members. We maintain this resource for members to educate themselves before ID theft occurs, and to provide resources in the worst case that you are a victim of ID theft.

Facebook Check Deposit Scam

We’ve become aware of a recent Facebook scam targeting online banking users.

How the Scam Works
The scam starts when you are contacted via social media with an offer to make money. All you must do to make the money is share your online banking credentials and allow the thief to deposit checks into your account, usually by using mobile deposit. The thief will generally promise some sort of split of the funds with you, just for letting them use your account. The problem is, the thief is not depositing a good check, and until processing finishes, this may not be detected. The thief then takes advantage of the lag time in processing to complete the crime. Many times the thief will ask you to wire or send money to them, or may even have you meet to withdraw money, while you keep the remainder in your account as "easy cash". The problem is that the original check never clears and the thief has taken your money, disappeared and left you with bounced checks and fees.

You are left with no easy money, documented involvement in a check fraud scheme, and are on the hook for both the fraudulent check and for any account fees caused by the fraudulent activity. In addition, depending upon the amount of the fraudulent check, check kiting generally results in felony criminal charges, and you can face charges from both the state and federal government.

Always Remember

Do not share your online banking credentials with anyone that is not on your account! You are ultimately responsible for your account. Do not let a third party use your online banking credentials to use remote deposit capture (deposit by mobile phone) to make deposits to your account. If you are approached by anyone online offering to help you make quick money, report them to your financial institution immediately. When you allow a third party to use your account, you open yourself to check fraud charges from the institution, as well as state and federal authorities.

Advantage One Credit Union is taking precautions in preventing against such scams, but all members should be aware that fraudsters come up with new schemes each and every day. If it does not feel right, odds are it isn’t!  Do not share your online banking user name and password with anyone. Please alert us to any such potential scams that you may feel are being perpetrated by contacting us as soon as possible at with as many details as possible. Thank you and stay alert!

Mortgage Protection Postcard Scam

We have been made aware of a postcard scam targeted at recipients of mortgage and/or home equity loans. Please be aware that this is a scam, and in no way sanctioned by, or affiliated with Advantage One Credit Union (AOCU). If you receive one of these postcards, please notify the CU (734-676-7000) and discard the postcard. We strongly recommend that you DO NOT contact the number provided on the postcard.

If you ever have any questions about whether an offer is legitimate, please call us at 734-676-7000.

The information below is a sample of what is present on the fake offer.



Body of postcard:

Addressee Name,

You have recently closed on this mortgage with ADVANTAGE ONE FCU. We need you to please call us about an important matter regarding this loan. This is time sensitive so please call us at 888-405-0963 as soon as possible.

Mortgage ID# xxxx-xxx-xxx

Your Address contained in this section.

Disclosure in small type at the bottom:
All information provided by H. W. C., 888-405-0963. Not affiliated with, sponsored by, and loan information not provided by ADVANTAGE ONE FCU.


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