An older man checks his credit score on his laptop at home.

Credit Sense

Monitor your credit report for FREE!

FREE Credit Report Monitoring with Credit Sense

Protecting your account information is top priority at Advantage One. That’s why we offer our members FREE credit report monitoring and custom alerts with Credit Sense.
Log into Online Banking for access to your credit report and online tools to help keep your identity safe.
  • Monitor the status and balances of open credit lines
  • View recent credit inquiries
  • Review public records and collections
  • Actively monitor your score without impacting your credit
  • Review your credit report for accuracy and errors
Free Monitoring & Alerts
Credit monitoring with Credit Sense allows you to keep a closer eye on your credit, to look for and head off potentially fraudulent activity. Account alerts will notify you of changes to your credit report, making it easy to quickly spot suspicious account activity.
Checking your own scores with Credit Sense doesn’t impact your credit. In fact, checking in regularly can help you build or maintain your financial health. It only takes a few minutes to sign up! Log in to online banking and click on the Credit Sense icon to get started.
Learn more about Credit Sense by reading our FAQs.
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