Security & Privacy

Online Security

Advantage One Credit Union is constantly concerned about our member’s critical information and privacy. With this in mind, we have the following security services installed on our Internet server:

  • Each server is behind a firewall. This hardware product blocks critical areas on servers from external attack and access.
  • Each server runs proprietary software that constantly monitors the servers for unauthorized use or attempts to "hack" into information. Administrators are automatically contacted when forced attacks are committed, and countermeasures are applied to stop these instances.
  • All administrative activity requires user login and authentication. All administrative updates are logged into files that can be reviewed later.
  • All servers come with a Network Solutions Certificate (RSA) for digitally encrypted communications between the Web server and members. Information passed in applications cannot be decrypted by third parties attempting to "pick" information being passed across the Internet backbone.
  • All servers run the latest versions of what is widely considered the strongest and most secure web server software available.
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