Fraud Prevention

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America, but that doesn't mean it has to happen to you, or your accounts. Advantage One Credit Union is committed to serving and educating our members. We maintain this resource for members to educate themselves before ID theft occurs, and to provide resources in the worst case that you are a victim of ID theft.

PIN Reversals - An urban myth can lead to a safety issue at the ATM.

The internet can often quickly spread “urban myth” stories but few stories gain such rapid appeal with so many potentially negative impacts on cardholder safety and confidence as the misleading stories circulating the internet regarding PIN reversal to signal duress. PIN reversal technology is a concept based upon the possibility that a cardholder could remember (and reverse) his or her PIN at an ATM to draw attention to a dangerous situation like a kidnapping or a robbery. Critics say that it is unlikely that anyone under duress could successfully employ this technique without compromising their personal safety.

Financial institutions within the United States have not deployed this technique despite several well circulated email chain letters that have misstated this fact. The problem now facing financial institutions is the immediate need to communicate their positions and practices on this concept so that cardholders are not in any way misled into thinking that PIN reversal functionality is operating behind the scenes when in fact it is not.

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