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Mobile Security Measures, Tips & Best Practices

When you use Anytime Services for your everyday banking, you're protected with the same technology and safeguards that are provided with MyBranch Online Banking. Click here for more information regarding Advantage One Credit Union's online security.

Mobile Security Measures

  • When you use the Anytime Services app, your accounts are protected by 128-bit encryption, just as they are when you bank online.
  • You sign on to Anytime Services with the same User ID and Password you use to access your accounts on MyBranch
  • The Anytime Services app doesn't store transactional information on your mobile device, so your accounts are not exposed if your phone is lost or stolen.
  • You assign your MyBranch login, which can be your account number, or any other available login ID you choose.

General Security Tips for Safe Downloads

  • When downloading the Anytime Services app to your mobile device, be sure to go to a trusted source such as the App Store for iOS devices or Google Play on your Android™ device, rather than a third-party source.
  • When installing any app, look at the developer's name and check out reviews and ratings of the app. Many times users will identify potential issues with an app. If in doubt, don't install an app.
  • Always check the application permissions and application requests and ensure that the permissions the application requests match the features the application provides.

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